Gold Ribbon

We Need Your Help

I met my husband's best friend, Travis 10 years ago and since then his family has become a part of my family. Recently his son, Zayden was diagnosed with round cell sarcoma which is a rare cancer and he has begun his chemo treatment. During this time his family has had to cover many expenses. As he continues to undergo treatment Zayden and his family will need to travel and stay for many days at a time.

We need your help to not only show Zayden that we support him but to help support his family with these upcoming expenses. If you would like to support Zayden we have created T-shirts and Vinyl stickers that are available for purchase. All proceeds will go to Zayden.

Zayden continues to amaze me as a 7 year old boy with autism and now cancer he remains sweet, strong, and so brave. I know he will persevere!


Thank you to all who would like to help support Zayden!