The Best Workspace for Furniture Painting

I have painted in my den, my living room, my dining room and even my kitchen! When my husband and I first bought our cozy farmhouse we knew eventually we would tackle every square inch and remodel so I wasn't too concerned if paint splattered on the floor. With four kids and three dogs you can imagine having a piece that was just freshly painted getting bumped into all the time got old quick! I began painting only in our den but it also doubled as a storage area (or dump all room, as I like to call it) and it was hard rolling large pieces of furniture around on the rug. I also realized that the cluttered workspace was doing nothing to inspire me creatively and I was not as excited to paint like I normally am. So it was time for a weekend remodel!

I'm definitely not proud of our before picture, it is a little embarassing how messy and cluttered it had become and don't get me started on the gross rug lol but we all have to start somewhere right.

We decided to get rid of my craft table (yes, there is a craft table under all that mess) and create a shelving system to hold all of my furniture painting needs and staging items.

First, we spent 2 hours (which is short for us) at Lowes getting everything we needed. Which included new flooring, lots of wood and brackets to make shelves and peg boards.

Then we emptied the entire room! I couldnt believe how much I had been storing. Once we filled the kitchen and dining room I realized this is a good time to purge some things. The only thing that did stay in the room were the shelves that held all the hardware we use and some tools.

Once we took out that gross rug (finally!) we got to work on the flooring and began on the shelves. Then I got to work on putting everything back and I have to say I am more than happy with the outcome.

I can be a very messy creator, once I get started it is hard to stop but I've found that I love so much more having a clutter free workspace. I dont have to worry about anything getting bumped into and my family is glad we have our house back. If you are thinking of redoing your workspace I highly recommend shelves! I know not everyone has that much space on their wall to dedicate to shelves but I love having everything out where I can see what I have, it makes creating pieces so much easier and I still have some organization.

I hope this inspires you to redo your workspace (or studio as my hubby so aptly named it) and helps you create a conducive environment for painting and creating!

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