DIY Globe Floor Lamp Side Table

Looking for unique lighting? I made this DIY Globe Floor Lamp Side Table as a gift for my husband, the day before our 10th anniversary. I have had this broken globe for what seems like too long but I had a feeling I could come up with a pretty cool upcycle.

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I was a little nervous I wasn't going to be able to pull this off because I've never made a light before but thankfully my Dad was able to help me out. I was shocked with how easy it was.

If you'd like to see a short video of what I did, you can watch it here on TikTok or here on Instagram. (I also shared my husbands reaction 😊)

1. Prepare your Side Table.

Clean your side table. If you plan on painting your side table or doing any refinishing I would do it now so it can dry while you work on the globe. I left mine as is because I wanted a worn look. You'll also need to drill a hole for the electrical cord to go through the top.

2. Prepare your Globe Lamp Shade!

Depending on the kind of globe you are using you'll need to inspect to see how you can take it apart. My globe had a bronze bracket that was connect to the axis of the globe. The bracket already had a hole that was used to attach the globe to the original wooden stand. I only needed to drill a hole through the top of the globe, this hole will be where the wiring will go through(use a 3/8" drill bit).

If you don't have the bracket, you will need to drill two holes at the top of your globe. One for the electrical and one to mount your globe to the lamp rod.

Now you'll need to cut your globe. I chose to take off the bottom 1/3 of my globe. But you can make it shorter by cutting your globe in half. Use a wooden block or stack of books that is the same height you want a take off the bottom of your globe. Place your pen on top of block/stack while slowly spinning your globe next to it, the tip of your pen/marker should be on the globe. This will help create an even guide line for you to make your cut. I used this utility knife to cut the globe. Most globes now are hollow and made of cardboard so it is very easy to cut through.

3. Assemble your lamp rode.

I used this copper rod (4' long,1/2" wide), elbow, end cap, male adapter and flange. All of these parts are for a 1/2"wide pipe, I bought a lot of extras but I ended up using one of each.

You will need to cut the copper rod. I used this pipe cutter. I made the vertical rod 3o" tall and the horizontal rod 10" long. You'll need to connect these two rods with the elbow. I also put an end cap at the end of the 10" rod. At the bottom of the 30" rod you need to add the male adapter and then attach the flange.

My dad helped me solder every thing together. If you don't want to solder them you can use this.

I drilled two holes near the end cap on the underside of the 10" rod. The hole closet to the end cap will go all the way through the rod(use 1/4"drill bit). The second hole, hole farthest from the end cap, will not go all the way through since this hole is for the wiring to come out of(use a 5/8" drill bit).You can leave the copper rod as is or you can spray paint it. Here is the color I chose but I highly recommend using this primer beforhand.

4. Wiring the lamp.

I used this light kit, which you can find here. We originally planned on using an electrical snake to pull the cord through the small hole we made in the lamp rode and then out of the bottom but we couldn't get it around the bend. I ended up attaching a necklace to a long piece of ribbon and then attaching the ribbon to the electrical cord and pulling it through. The necklace was weighty enough for us to feed the ribbon through the bend of the rod and the ribbon was still strong enough to pull the cord through even when we met slight resistance.

You'll need to add the threaded stanchion to the top of your globe and secure it with the washer, the locking washer and the nut.

Then you'll need to feed the cord through the threaded stanchion and into the globe. Then connect the lamp socket to the electrical cord.

My dad showed me how to connect the socket to the cord. After taking a look at the instructions I found them to be very simple to follow. Once that's connected you'll screw the socket to the threaded stanchion inside the globe and your light will be secure.

5. Attach your lamp to your side table.

The globe will be secured to the lamp rod using a machine screw, three washers and a nut to attach the bracket and rod or globe and rod if you're not using a bracket.

Pull the plug end of the electrical cord through the hole in the side table make sure the rod is positioned evenly and straight on the side table and then screw them in. I would suggest marking the holes first and drilling in pilot holes so they go in easier and you don't split the top of the side table. Also, double check that your screws aren't too long or they'll go through the bottom of the table.

6. Plug it in!

Don't for get your light bulb! You can also paint the inside of the globe and add a border to the edges of the globe that you cut or leave them as is.

My husband really loved it and I am so happy with the character it adds to our home.

If you have any questions or you have a project you want to learn, let me know in the comments!

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